Cork Board Inspiration

It’s easy to have a jumbled looking cork board (hence, the one currently in my childhood bedroom). 

I recently came across some great and inspirational cork boards on Pinterest to keep in mind for my next cork board endeavor. 

Check them out:






Decoration Obsession: Banners

Since I have a very limited budget, inexpensive and easily made decorations are what currently fill my apartment.

Something that I want to add to my bedroom is a banner. I’ve seen banners all over Pinterest and other blogs. I love the versatility of them and the fact that you can literally string whatever shapes, colors or quotes you want across a piece of string or ribbon. It’s an easy decoration that you can easily adjust to your own taste.

Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve seen while browsing the internet —





I will definitely be making a banner this weekend, they’re so quick, affordable and cute!