Fall Instagram Pictures

I love fall. I love pumpkin flavored treats, scarves, cardigans, my fall coat and watching the leaves change. Every year, I’m amazed by how beautiful the foliage is.

Living in Philadelphia, I don’t get to see much of the beauty of fall in the city. Some of the leaves change a bit, but mostly just go from green to brown to bare trees.

But the other day,  my boyfriend and I went to a huge, 9,000+ acre park in Philadelphia called Fairmount Park and took some autumnal photos to edit using Instagram, one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. Instagram can honestly make anything look cool.

Filter: Lo-fi

Filter: Amaro, with a slight blur (sorry about the midriff)

Filter: Lo-fi, with a slight blur

My favorite filter for fall photos is definitely lo-fi, it brings out the reds, greens and yellows of the leaves and makes them pop against the clear sky. The trees and leaves at Fairmount Park were already beautiful, but it’s amazing how much a little filter and blur call add.


Who Doesn’t Love Pie?

On my way home from work, I noticed a new cafe a few blocks from my apartment. I went in and was blown away by how cute it is and wondered how I hadn’t noticed it before. Turns out, they opened on September 1st which is why I am only noticing it now.

It’s called Magpie and is an artisan pie boutique in Philadelphia. I then realized that there are hardly any dessert shops that only sell pie. Cupcakes and fro yo are all the rage, but pie is often left out of the loop. Magpie sells slices, but also takes orders for entire pies. I guess I know where I’m getting my next birthday…pie. I had a slice of  the Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee Pecan pie and was blown away.  I now have to try each pie on their menu.

Not only do they have sweet pies, but they have savory pies too. What’s better than pie in the colder months? Nothing!

I’m so excited to have this pie boutique mere blocks from my apartment.